PhotonSafe® Laser Safety Film
Laser Protection Window Foil - Laser Protection window film - Anti-laser film

Make your window a truly safe window that is both laser and shock resistant. Our laser protective removable window films can be used on your laser welding rooms windows to protect external persons from the glare of the welding lasers. It is made of super wear-resistant

PET protective film and multilayer film compounded with nano wave-absorbing material with specific wavelength by special process. This specific wavelength nanoabsorbing material adopts the composite absorption principle (absorption + reflection), which overcomes the problem that the film is difficult to achieve high OD value.

The product has excellent characteristics of wear resistance and aging resistance and is upgraded
providing a higher laser barrier rate and has now even stronger optical performance indicators provides protection from laser radiation of wavelength 780-3000nm by absorbing and reflecting. It is wearable, scratch-resistant, explosion-proof and easy to clean.

Easy installing windows film for laser light reduction

If Double-sided application, it will double the protection factor (increased OD). This protective film can be cut at any size or shape and attached on any material surface, and can also be used as single, double or multi-layer to provide high level of optical density. It is simple, fast mounting and reliable adhesion. It is as simple as mounting a car film.
Large laser protective window can be easily realized.

Highlights PhotonSafe® Laser protection film

• OD4 (LB3) protection level for 950~1600 nm
• VLT approx. 58%
• Sold in linear meters - width approx. 1,500 mm
• Thickness: 125μm
• 3ply = Film made of 3 different layers
• Appearance: Transparent, light blue
• Adhesive: Pressure sensitive adhesive
• Good color vision
• Additional UV protection


1,5m (cost per linear meter)


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Laser welding protection Window Film
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